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Sick Child Visits in Kirkland, WA

Our caring pediatricians at Evergreen Pediatrics provide sick visits from newborns to children of all ages. Call (425) 215-1933 to request a same day sick child appointment.

Sick Child in Evergreen Pediatrics in Kirkland, WA

Caring for Your Sick Child

Providing the best possible care for your child is of vital importance and at Evergreen Pediatrics, we understand that having an ill or injured child makes this even more the case. That’s why our pediatricians offer personalized care and consistent access to care for sick child visits.

When to Take Your Sick Child to the Doctor

For many parents, the most difficult question to answer is often knowing whether or not you need to take your sick child to the doctor. Of course, the right answer depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your child’s fever or other symptoms, how long the symptoms have lasted, and of course your level of discomfort of worry.

Because sicknesses aren’t planned, you can count on Evergreen Pediatrics for same-day appointments when necessary. And, since you can always count on seeing the same pediatrician, you will have access to a professional who already knows your child and doesn’t need to spend time catching up on their medical history.

Scheduling Your Appointment

The convenient, compassionate care you need to get your child well again is waiting at Evergreen Pediatrics.If your child is sick and requires medical attention, please call our office at (425) 215-1933 to schedule your appointment or to request a same day sick child visit.