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Pediatricians in Kirkland, WA

Basma Raees, MD and her team of doctors and dedicated medical staff specializes in pediatric care, women’s health, lactation care, newborn care, well child and sick child visits.

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Personalized Pediatric Health Care That Accommodates the Needs of You and Your Family

At Evergreen Pediatrics, we offer personalized pediatric health care services that accommodate the needs of parents, children and their unique health-related outlook.

Our physicians-owned clinics offer the benefit of knowing that you will almost always see the same pediatrician, regardless of whether you’ve scheduled a well child visit, sick visit, or same-day consultation. And, thanks to our commitment to step beyond the basic requirement of health care, your children always receive superior health care services that consider their comprehensive well-being and not just their illness or injuries.

Prioritized Care on an Individual Level

Honest and open communication forms the basis of the best pediatric care. That’s why at Evergreen Pediatrics, we are committed to building mutual trust and understanding about both your personal approach and preferences.

Our team of pediatricians understands that each parent has their unique, preferred method of health care for their children. That’s why when you choose our team as your pediatricians, we don’t just treat your child like any other patient but instead provide comprehensive, personalized care.

We collaborate with parents for complimentary meet and greet appointments before or after birth, helping to develop relationships between our pediatricians and your children. As a result, you can always have access to the same doctor who knows your children’s medical history. This allows us to deliver the personalized healthcare that you can only find in small medical offices.

Convenient Location and Hours for Comprehensive Care

Our dedication to comprehensive care is designed for ultimate accessibility, allowing you to schedule same-day appointments when needed. And, thanks to our convenient location right across from the Evergreen Hospital main building in Totem Lake, you can now secure the type of care you want from your pediatrician without the hassle of rearranging your own hectic schedule.

Schedule a complimentary meet and greet appointment by contacting us at (425) 215-1933. We look forward to showing you what comprehensive, personalized pediatric care can do for both you and your children.

Pediatric Doctors With Passion and Expertise

Our personalized touch and “whole-istic” approach to your child and your family sets us apart from others. By choosing our providers, you’re choosing a team of highly trained and dedicated team of pediatricians that go beyond expertise and approach each patient with a passion for developing their lifelong well-being.

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Evergreen Pediatrician in Kirkland, WA

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Evergreen Pediatrician in Kirkland, WA

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Evergreen Pediatrician in Kirkland, WA

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